problems with embedded musescore sheet music in Moodle

• Jan 16, 2020 - 13:08


I am using Moodle and musescore for a couple of years now and in the past I had no problem with the embedded Musescore content in my Moodle site for my music students. Now the embedded material is not visible anymore in my Moodlecloud site.

Can you look into this problem for me?

I do address this problem to the Moodle community too.

Friendly regards,

Debbie van den Berg
Music teacher


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What I mean is , the scores I shared from in the past on my moodle site , it seems like the iframe code of this scores are not active. The code for the link to my score on is active.

In my moodle site I only see empty space. The code of the embedded score is there, but there is nothing to see on the page. And this is new. A couple of days ago i could see the earlier embedded scores in my moodle site.

If I understand you correctly, there is nothing wrong with the iframe code. Most likely the problem lies in the Moodle environment.

Is that correct?

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Hello Jojo,

Thank you for your fast reply. I finally found the problem. I work on a laptop and a PC. My laptop did not have the problem, the embedded content of Musescore is visible on my moodle sites. On my PC I have installed the privacy badger app in Firefox. (I did not install this app in Firefox on my laptop yet). This blocked the trackers of Musescore and disabled the visibility of the embedded content in Moodle on my PC. I changed the settings in privacy badger, and now I can see the embedded content on my laptop and my PC.

Thank you for my support!

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Hallo Bernhard,

This is how I embed my sheetmusic from into my Moodlesite:

from the musescore site I choose 'embed' under the share button of my sheet music I want to share with my students on My Moodle site. Then I copy the code that is showed in the pop up window of musescore. Some of the Moodle activities, for example Moodle book en label have a editing part, where you can choose to edit the code. Click on the arrow button left-up for advanced buttons. In the new row of buttons it is the right-down button (HTML) . Paste your Musescore code under the code in the editor and choose save changes in your Moodle activity.



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