Next/Prev Measure doesn't keep current voice

• Jan 17, 2020 - 00:33

Anyone ever complain about the fact that [next/previous measure] function doesn't retain the current voice?

If that isn't clear: when pressing right or left arrows, the next chord will be selected. If the user is in voice-2, for instance, while doing note-entry and presses right-arrow, the next chord slot is prepared for entry in voice-two. However, if the user is in voice-2 note-entry and presses [control+right], the active-voice switches back to voice-1 upon the beginning of the next measure.

Is this considered desirable behavior, or is it merely an oversight with no one really complaining about it? Alternative behavior would be to keep the current voice while traversing per measure and not default back to voice-1 every time, and this seems more appropriate to me, yet I also see the usefulness of always defaulting to voice-one on certain occasions. . .


Hey, yet another situation with this that's more definitely a bug:

1) Go to an untouched measure with a whole rest
2) Insert Note Entry mode
3) Change voice to be voice-2 (or 3/4)
4) Use [next measure] command

Result: not the next measure but the next measure after the next measure is set up for note entry, and of course also only in voice-1 now.

So it seems two things potentially could be altered, but especially this. My guess would be that since there's no "element" related to note-entry in voice-two when there's only one whole rest in voice-1, MS will see something like "No current element, so get next chord/rest element" which will be next measure's voice-1's rest, and then complete a "next measure". It's not that big of a deal since it's rare for this to happen, but it should be fixed up.

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