Specify new instrument soundfont after instrument change

• Jan 17, 2020 - 01:11

I am using an instrument change to switch a violin section sound from tutti to solo. However, I can't select the soundfont instrument used for the new, solo part. Changing instruments directly in Mixer also affects playback before the instrument change which is obviously not good. How do I go about this? (Essentially, I am switching the part name to "Violin", but I want the new instrument to be "Violin Fast Expr." instead of the default non-expr choice for Violin, and I don't see any option to do so.)


If I'm understanding correctly, you aren't seeing the mixer channel for your instrument change? If so, you need to expand the channel by clicking the little arrow at the top of the strip.

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Ah I see. I'm not doing a regular channel change (e.g. arco to pizzicato) but I guess the best way is to change to a "dummy" channel with the correct instrument.

Edit: Never mind, I see the mixer has included the additional channels for after the instrument change. Problem solved - thanks.

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