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• Jan 17, 2020 - 05:41

I want to make a little image file to use as an icon, from Musescore -- in practice a couple of beamed semiquavers, but I can customise them, rather than hunting online for a suitable graphic. Is there an easy way to export a fragment like this in SVG?

I can move the notes away from the staff lines, zoom in, and use screen capture, but this only gets me a pixel image, which doesn't reduce to a crisp icon.


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Great! Thanks... that was exactly what I needed. notes.svg

(Um. Yesterday I had no difficulty in moving a couple of notes away from the proper position, so as to get a plain background. I just tried again, and failed. I can't remember how I did it, and now I don't seem to be able to select just the notes in order to fiddle with the position in the inspector. What's the best approach to this?)

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I tried, like you, from a screenshot of a zoomed image that I then processed with an image editor generating icons. But I can't import here this file type...
I also tried creating a single bar score and exporting it to SVG. Then on an SVG software you can erase what's left over.

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Directly exporting to SVG from the image capture tool should be the preferred route of the least resistance.
@papibois: So far I've not had to perform cleanup of those generated images; not sure for example where the additional vertical line comes from in your example there.

This technique is also used and explained in the how to for creating your own swing marking ( )

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