To get in to create a leadsheet, nothing more

• Jan 17, 2020 - 12:48

Jan 17, 11:21 CET

Your manual is like all the manuals: very complicated. I only would like to create the lead sheet to my band and change keys for clarinet and altosax. Also singers need a certain key. So first I need the notes of a song (mainly from Great American Songbook), the I need to convert them to the key the singers want and finally to the Bb and Eb notes for the wind instruments. How to start most simple way and quickly while I do not have time to waiste going thourgh your multiple alternatives, though respectable indeed.



  1. When creating a new score pick the "choose instruments" template; when asked for a key signature, pick the one for the singers.
    Add your singers, the clarinet and alto sax to the score, along with any other instruments you might want.

  2. Enter the notes on the singer staff.

  3. Select the complete singer staff

  4. Copy and Paste onto the other instruments. MuseScore will automatically apply the correct written pitch transposition.

Further exporting of the parts: see

Click on any of the links for the relevant handbook pages on those specific subjects.

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