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• Jan 17, 2020 - 18:48

Hi everyone, I'm trying out Musescore for medieval music (gregorian chant notated with modern stemless notation, and both rhythmless and rhythmic notation of songs). There are 2 things so far I couldn't find anywhere.

1) Is there a way to set the staff lenght individually (independent from page margins)? It is useful for the notation of lines if there are lines (verses) of different lenghts. Especially short lines with notes far apart don't look good.

2) Is there a trick to place the b-sign in front of a melisma? If I try to move it manually, it only increases the space between b and the note.

Thank you for your suggestions.


Not sure, if I understand it correct, but:

1) insert a horizontal frame, add a system break to the frame and adjust the length of the frame
2) select the note and change the horizontal offset of the chord

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Thank you very much! Frames seem to do what I want.

Ad 2) Adjusting the offset doesn't help. I didn't figure out how to place the b sign so it is placed before a group of notes. Of course, a visual workaround would be to attach the b to the first note of the group and then adjust the position but then the b wouldn't be connected to the corresponding note.

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