Grace notes don't play as short as expected

• Jan 18, 2020 - 18:49

A grace note added before another note plays the half of it instead of playing the expected value.

In the following, the grace note (value eighth) plays with duration 2 in the first measure and its actual duration in the second measure.

This is a problem in some baroque choirs (E.g Jean-Philippe Rameau, Platée) where grace notes appear extensively.

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Most Musescore functionality that deals with the duration of notes considers tied notes to be separate notes. See to make appoggiature do whatever you want. "Half" is sometimes right, and sometimes wrong, even between competent performances of the same work. An appoggiatura in baroque music is not the same as a "grace note" in later music, even if that's the name of the palette in MuseScore.

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