Building advanced chords

• Jan 18, 2020 - 22:52

I would be especially glad if i could build chords like this - THE NEW REAL BOOK 1.PDF (strona 165 z 453) 2020-01-18 23-45-26.png
I mean stacked alterations. I was trying to upload own chrods.xml file and add something like "^ - upper index, v - lower index". That chord from photo then could be like this = "A7(^b9v#5)" - this could bring musescore to the next level in chord editing, because now any alterated chord looks like looong and hard to read text.
I would also appreciate feature about upper structure - building chords one on top of another (not inversion). That writing can look like "A7(b9)|C7"
Test 2020-01-18 23-51-32.png .


The stacking of alterations can only be one by editing the XML files - but not chords.xml - that's only for historical compatibility. Instead it's chords_std and chords_jazz depending which style you have selected. A search for previous threads on the subject will give you pointers.

To create polychords, just create the chords themselves separately - MuseScore will stack them automatically. The one you enter first will be displayed on the bottom, so enter C7, then ____, then A7(b9) as three separate chords on the same beat.

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