Appended measures have wrong properties.

• Jan 20, 2020 - 23:04

After I entered 27 measures, the next measure entered looks normal (2 half rests), but inputting notes extends the measure to too many beats. I can get into measure properties, and correct it by modifying Measure Duration - Actual, and all looks good. However, the next measure I enter has the same problem. At this rate, it'll take all night to finish the song. Can you please help me figure this out? I'm facing a deadline.
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Check to make sure you are not in 'Insert' mode when entering notes. See:
'Step-time' is the default method of note input.

Also, here's your file with 60 blank measures appended:
Old Devil Moon2.mscz
The measure properties should be OK.
(To remove any blank measures when done, use menu item: Tools -> Remove Empty Trailing Measures.)

P.S. What exactly are you trying to notate?
For example, a lyrics line with piano accompaniment?
The reason I ask is that you have 3 pianos instruments: 2 have single staff treble clef, and 1 has the grand staff (treble + bass). Additionally, you are (barely) 29 measures into the song and have unnecessarily generated parts in duplicate. Why?

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try your file. My objective is to take a solo arrangement I like (Old Devil Moon), and add harmony to it. I'm taking a print copy, and transcribing it to musescore, so I can add a second voice, and some other embellishments. I haven't gotten to that part yet. I have three piano scores: The bottom will be the original that I haven't transcribed you. The other two piano scores were originally voice scores, but I couldn't stand the weird, imprecise sounding voice sounds that musescore supplied. I changed them to piano scores for that reason. As I have no keyboard skills, I'm doing this manually. I'm nearly 70, and am dealing with arthritis in my hands, but I just might get the surgery, and actually take some keyboard lessons!

Thanks again!

The last two measures of this score have too many beats. When you add measures, it matches the length of the last existing measure. To fix those then you can add new ones normally.

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