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• Jan 21, 2020 - 16:55

How do I control the size of (height of?) the page header and/or footer and font (style and size?) used in their text?

Note: I know how to enter the text, but cannot find any other info.


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Actually, that setting is more for what it says - the music margin, as in the distance from the page margin to the start of the music. Probably what you want it is to increase the page margin itself, in Format / Page Settings.

All text style settings are collecting in one place, makes it easier to customize the overall look of your score for multiple text types at one. We could have duplicated the settings elsewhere, but the dialog is pretty cluttered already. Most other elements you can control directly from the Inspector. Headers and footers are indeed special in that they are global to the score, not attached to any given page.

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To be clear: the music margin allocates space for music between page margin and the first staff - it actually changes where the first staff starts on the page. The header text position doesn't allocate space, it just positions the text. But the music margin is, as the name implies, meant for music, not for your header. So you shouldn't be placing your header in that area, if you do it may collide with music (eg, notes on ledgers lines above the staff, text markings, voltas, etc). The header text should be within the page margin, so it is clear of any music. That means you should be using a negative offset for the text, and possibly increasing the size of the page margin as needed. Really, the negative offset should be the default, but it's not for historical reasons (backwards compatibility for older scores)

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Aaah. The Header seems to be positioned in the music space, and a negative location to be used to force it out. It should be allocated space and be processed as an inclusion of the "page top margin". Also, of course, the Footer, page bottom margin.
If your description was in the Handbook, I missed it, sorry. If not, it should be.

Change would require a "USE old/new Header/Footer positioning style" switch!

BTW, I recently retired after 55 years of writing software. Old joke: Manager: Why did it take you guys three years to write this software. God made the whole universe in 6 days!" Progammers response: "He wasn't working from an installed base."

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