Changing properties of several measures simultaneously.

• Jan 22, 2020 - 18:58

Hello 👋 .

I've been looking for the answer in the forum, but couldn't find it.
Is it possible to change properties of several measures simultaneously? On the screenshot you can see 3 invisible bars in the Marimba part. I had to change the property of each bar individually. It slows down a workflow a lot. If this is possible, please let me know how to do it.

Thank you in advance :)

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Can you explain why you are doing this? Normally only empty measures would be hidden - that's called a "cutaway" score, and MuseScore can do that automatically if you check the corresponding box in staff properties. but here, you have empty measures not hidden. I'm not understanding why you'd hide some empty measures but not others. If these measures are not empty and instead have notes for playback, this ins't the way to do it - it looks wrong in the score. Instead, add a separate staff for the playback-only notes, then mark the whole staff invisible in Edit / Instruments.

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Those bars are empty, and the "cutaway" score is exactly what I want to achieve. Sorry I didn't mention the phrase "cutaway score" in my post, but I simply didn't know it is called like this.

You wrote, I can find it in staff properties, but I can't see this corresponding box, which will give me the cutaway score. Can you show me somehow which particular checkbox is it ?

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I checked the option: "Hidden when empty: always". And this is not what I want to achieve.

On the first screen i highlighted on red the bars I want to be blank, white. I dont want to see the staves on the piano part, when the bar contain no notes. On the second screen I presented what I'd want to achieve.

I don't know If you understand me.

I found also an example in the internet, which shows my intention.

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