Varying # of measures per line between 3 and 4

• Jan 22, 2020 - 21:39

Because of lyrics I would generally use three measures per line but because of changing timing I would use 4 measures per line here and there. What would be the best practice to carry this out? I have accomplished the 4 measures per line by changing the spacing values and was thinking to use line breaks to get 3 measure lines. Would that be the right choice for the job?



To get consistent spacing, you should avoid messing with individual measure stretch too much and instead set a sufficiently low value of overall spacing (Format / Style / Measure / Spacing) to guarantee at least as many measure as you want per system in most case. Then just go in and add line breaks. This gives best results with least effort. If there end up being a couple of places where you want more measures to fit than your spacing setting allows, then you can still select just the measures you want to fit together on one system and reduce their stretch together.

FWIW, recent experiences show that you actually get the best (most consistent) spacing by not only setting "spacing" to its lowest value (1), but also setting "minimum note distance" to its lowest value (0sp). The results are crazy crowded by default, so you absolutely need to add all your own line breaks. But when you do, you actually do end up with noticeably more consistent spacing from measure to measure, for technical reasons that you can read more about in if you are so inclined.

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