Rogue rest notes crash MuseScore. Help please.

• Jan 23, 2020 - 16:20

I'm writing a 4 part score, but on one stave, rest notes have appeared in addition to the notes I've added on that stave. When I try to remove the rest notes, Musescore (Ver 3.3.4 24412, rev.764abe) crashes. Any ideas of how to remove these without the programme crashing, or on how to avoid them in the first place? The recovered score returns exactly as it was before it crashed, with the rogue rests still there.

I've attached the score - the rogue notes appear in the first bar of Flute 1, and in all bars of Violin.

Any help gratefully received.

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What are 'rest notes'? You can have rests or notes, but they are mutually exclusive

For some strange reason you had enter notes in voice 4, where they should have been in voice 1 or 2, fixed in the attached

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Many thanks for the reply.

Point taken about "rests" and "notes" being mutually exclusive - down to my inexperience of the language of music.

I didn't consciously insert the rests - they appeared. Please let me know how you removed them. There are still some left in the revision you sent - it's the notes that should be in those bars that contain superimposed notes and rests. I tried highlighting and deleting, but they didn't budge, and eventually, MuseScore crashed.

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