Drum Transcriptions - Hotkeys for Instruments

• Jan 24, 2020 - 18:33

I will start this post by saying I am very new to using MuseScore. I downloaded the program last night. My hope is to use the program to write down my own drum transcriptions for songs I am learning on the drums. I find this very helpful for technical bits of songs, or when I want to do an entire song. Up to now I've been doing the transcriptions with a pencil and paper. It's satisfying to do, it just takes forever using that method.

My problem is that I want to use hotkeys for entering drum notes, but I would like to have hotkeys setup for more than just 8 keys (A-G). When I click on edit drumset I am able to assign the keys to whatever instrument I want, but I would like to have access to most of the sounds that I like through hot keys. Is there a way to expand beyond the default 8 (A-G)?

Or is there a way to have groups of hotkeys set? For example, I could have one set of hotkeys for typical beats (cymbals, snare, and bass drum), and another for doing toms (high, mid, mid-low, low). What I mean is switching between the two 'sets' rather than having to set each individual instrument each time. The song I am currently transcribing has a lot of tom work, like Tool or Rush.

Thank you for your help. I would appreciate any direction you can provide.


No way to do that currently, unfortunately. But for 3.4 - released today - it's a bit simpler to use the drum palette. Instead of double-clicking the icon for the note you want, you can just single-click.

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