Keyboard shortcut for bar properties.

• Jan 24, 2020 - 23:14

I have some short tunes with a lot of pickup bars. The shortcuts-editor does not support assigning a shortcut for opening the properties of the currently selected bar. That would be nice.


That's true, but you can use the "menu" button or equivalent shortcut on your keyboard to pop up that context menu.

Still, that's not the best/fastest way to do the job. Instead of manually changing the number of beats in abr, just delete the ones you don't want. So, if you want a measure with only one beat, enter the note(s) for that beat, select the remaining rests, Ctlr+Delete, done!

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Sure. That is an option, but when you are in the enter notes mode, it's inconvenient to have to exit that mode to delete the rests and then enter the note enter mode again to proceed.
About the context menu, I am using the danish translation, and it seems that it lacks a lot of menu short cuts. Is there any way i can help to improve this?
Sorry for the clumsy questions. I am new to musescore :)

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It's still likely to be fewer keystrokes to delete the rests than use measure properties, but better indeed if it could be done without those two extra presses of the "N" key. I guess you could just deal with that when you're done with the rest of note input. You could also use Ctlr+Shift+letter to insert the pickup notes, then use a shortcut for the Split Measure command. That's probably the fastest method, in fact almost certainly by far.

Not sure what you mean about the translation - you mean the shortcuts do not appear next to the menu item within the program? I don't think the translation controls that, I think the shortcuts are placed automatically.

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I was not aware of the split measure command. I'll look into that, thanks!

About the translation, i assume that the key shortcut for entering a specific menu item is specified in the translations. The programming languages in which i normally operates usually uses an apersand for specifying which key selects which item.
In the danish translation the F in the "Fil" menu option is underlined, displaying that i need to press Alt+F to open this menu. When the menu is opened, none of the sub items are underlined, and this is pretty much so in every menu i've found. - This means that even when i open the "right click menu" using the menu key on the keyboard, i still have to use the mouse for selecting the desired menu item, because none of the letters are underlined.
Meybe there is a guide for translating musescore somewhere in which i can learn how to fix it?
Again, sorry - i'm new to the software!

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Oh, you mean menu mnemonic - the things that use a letter of the command to take you to that menu item once you've opened the menu. Those are indeed language specific. But they totally separate from keyboard shortcuts, which wor from anywhere and are not language-specific. Menu if not most menu commands have direct shortcuts, and of those that don't have a shortcut predefined, you can usually customize one in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

To add menu mnemonics, you'd want to join the translation team I assume. Click "Contribute" above, then "Development", and look for the links regarding translation.

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