Why is the name for part 2 not appearing at the beginning of each line?

• Jan 25, 2020 - 03:53

I'm making a practise part for interlocking duet section, see attached.

The names of the two parts appear correctly when I have two great staves appearing normally.

When I select "Hide empty staves with systems", empty bass or treble staves are hidden correctly but the name of part 2 disappears, after the first line or two. I'd rather the name (or short name) remains to make the separation of parts clear. Part I name appears correctly.

Any thoughts why the name of part 2 is not appearing throughout the score?

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Sample_score_names_disappear.mscz 32.42 KB


When using "Hide empty staves" as you are, MuseScore only displays the instrument name on the top staff. So, in places where you intend to use only one staff, just make it be the top one.

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