Ab doesn't exist

• Jan 26, 2020 - 21:43

Whenever I try to place an Ab, it instead shows a G#. This problem is mind boggling and makes me sick of such an overlook. This tiny little detail has completely ruined my immersion in the MuseScore experience, and such has halted my positive outlook on MuseScore as a whole. Please fix this problem that almost ruined MuseScore for me.

EDIT: Found the problem. The key affected the note placement. To anyone reading this in the future, I greatly overexaggerated my concern of this problem.


Also, you don't say how you are attempting to add the Ab. If it's using the piano keyboard or MIDI input, then MuseScore needs to guess the spelling, so it indeed uses the key to help. Press "J" to change the spelling. If you are using keyboard or mouse entry, enter the A then Down arrow to get an Ab - unless G# is in the key. Here again "J" will fix it. Or, just click the flat on the toolbar before entering the A, and you get an Ab first time.

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