Slurs and beams between the staves

• Jan 26, 2020 - 23:03

I am trying to do that (look at the pic attached) and keep failing. I've read the other threads related to the same problem and they didn't really help me.
Looking forward to find the answer! :) Thanks!

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Make sure you are in Normal mode

Select the note where you want the slur to start.
Press (S) to add a slur extending to the next note.
Hold (Shift) and press right arrow key to extend to the next note and so on.
Press ESC to Exit

Remember to save your edited score.

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Steps: double-click on a slur the usual way when you adjusting the size/shape of the slur by dragging the squares. When I drag one of the squares and try to pull it up, so it will go over the top notes, it will let me to change the shape of the slur but it moves the staves further and further away from each other.

I hope the description was understandable...

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