Musescore won't start

• Jan 27, 2020 - 13:37

Hello, I tried your link to go to forum and list my problem there. I went there and typed my problem and hit upload. It's been close to 24 hours since I did that and have seen no response. I will share my problem again here and see if I receive a response.
I first started using Musescore 3 about seven months ago. The program was working fine on my HP windows 10 desktop computer. I used it for 5 months and it worked fine. I took an extended vacation of 2 months. Before I tried using Musescore again I downloaded a Spotify music app( which might be a cause of this problem).
Problem: I try to start Musescore and I get the following message "The previous session quit unexpectedly restore session? yes or No". I select yes and the splash screen pops up then disappears. I try starting Musescore again and I get the same message but this time I select no. Outline of starting screen appears for a few seconds and then it disappears. One time when I tried this I had a pop up message saying there was a new update but it all disappears before I can select the update.
Do I need to uninstall Musescore and reinstall? If I need to uninstall and reinstall can you give me an idea how to do that?Thank you,
Ken Foster


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I followed the instruction in handbook to revert factory setting. I went thru step 7 and filled out the basic info requested. The program briefly started and then disappeared again.
While searching for musescore exe file I notice two crash notice files. I will attempt to relocate them and add them to this reply. I tried to copy crash report but couldn't.

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I followed these instructions and used -w instead of -F. The program opened and I went to edit-preferences and unselected start center. I now have an open program. I have not tried anything else yet. It looks like all the pallet selection on left side is in a light color indicating it might not be able to be selected. I did not do anything other than your recommended instructions. What shall I do next?

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Ok, I will continue as I did before until something else comes up. I will mention one more thing that may or may not have had any bearing on this problem. I've only downloaded one program since it was working fine initially and that program is "Spotify". Now Spotify is a web based music streaming app which might be a possible interference to MuseScore. Just thought I'd mention it to you. Again, thank you for your help.

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