Copy And Paste Only Selected Notes

• Jan 27, 2020 - 19:02

I am trying to select and copy indiviual notes from a series of chords to create a new melody line. Is it possible to simply select and copy the notes i want to copy, without having to copy the entire chord. Because it doesn´t seem to be working for me.

If I haven´t explained myself well i´enough i have included a screenshot of what i want to accomplish.

I know it doesn´t seem that significant but it would save me a lot of time.

Thanks in advanced!

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Maybe there's an easier way, I just didn't have in mind:

  • select these notes via ctrl
  • change the voice
  • open the selection filter and deactivate voice 1
  • copy and paste
  • select the pasted notes and change they back to voice 1
  • select all rests of the other voice (right click->select->more...->same voice and delete it

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That's a really clever solution!

FWIW, the reason we don't have a direct way to do this is that it really wouldn't be clear how to handle varius cases where, for example, the notes might not be contiguous (eg, one notes from measure 3, another from measure 7), might start out in different voices, might even be in different staves.

But for the most common case - extracting notes by position, so the top note of the chord goes into one staff, second to top goes to the next staff, etc - see Tools / Explode.

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