Please help a 61 year old computer illiterate mediocre guitar player

• Jan 29, 2020 - 00:24

I think I have the general idea but.......

  1. Can I create a template to use over and over? (Guitar tabs...that's all I need)
  2. Whenever I try to create a new doc, there are only TWO six line (bars?) How do I create a full page?

Feel free to email me at

THANK YOU VERY MUCH (for your pity and help) It's greatly appreciated


From one mediocre player to another.
I suppose you can create a template. But you figured out how to add guitar tab to a blank page. Now all you need to do is go to the menu bar at the top of MuseScore, select ADD, select MEASURES, select APPEND MEASURES to add as many measures as you want.

You can create a template or just save a score and make it read-only. Attached is one for guitar - save it and make it read-only, then open it and save it under a new name for each new project. You can alter the number of bars per line but I thought 4 looked sensible.

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I guess you mean adding an entire line of measures.
Don't worry about that. fill up what you have, then as you get close to the end, add another 10 measures. when you go to "Append measures" (odd nomenclature to me) a "1" with blue around it. It's waiting for you to type number. Do so and click OK.
You've got this.
I don't read tab, so your ahead of me. Though I did build the acoustic guitar that I play.
When you master entering tab, look up how to to change it to notes or the other way around.

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