Staccato'd note loses staccato when pasted.

• Jan 31, 2020 - 20:21



Curious, with same version (Win10 OS) staccato are correctly pasted for me.
Could you please attach a test where you encounter this problem, with some more information if you think useful to understand your copy-paste. Thks

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If by selecting "only one note", you mean only the notehead is selected and no blue rectangle appears around it, then this is currently by design. You'd need to select the full chord (Shift-click the note) to enable copy-pasting all of its properties and attached elements.

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If it's only the note though, and not an actual range selection (so, if you don't see the blue rectangle), then this is by design. Copying and pasting a note only will copy the note properties like pitch only, not anything like articulations that are attached to the chord the note belongs to. You need a range selection (with blue rectangle) for that.

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