Unable to put 2 dynamics on 2 tracks for the same instrument

• Feb 2, 2020 - 19:07

I was working with both piano and harp, when suddenly something hits me: you cannot use 2 dynamics on the treble and bass clefs.
Not that MuseScore won't display it, but only the last dynamics set will change both keys dynamics. So if you want loud bass and quite treble, the software will just use whatever it finds last.

The only workaround is to add a second instrument, removes one of the parts to both of them. Thus, they are complementary, you just have to put them back together so it looks like a single instrument. Not really convenient in fact, nor it really works as single one instrument (for example when doing balance, changing samples, etc, everything has to be done twice).

On the score posted here, I have the sound that just apply the dynamics on both tracks. Could have exported the audio too but I cannot upload it there. Besides, the issue is there on 3 computers, on MuseScore 3.4.1. Never have noticed it before but I might simply have gone through not using this kind of feature.

Is there any plan to solve this issue?

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Thanks for the reply, I was in the wrong place and have seen this.
I've searched the inspector but it is surprising to see not-styling part inside it.
It feel a bit weird actually to see 2 tracks applying the same dynamics, but it might be only me as I haven't find any answer by searching on internet. Might be wrongly searching too.

Is there a way to create a dedicated style that would be the default? I was searching inside style but haven't succeed there.

click on a dynamic. Select all similar elements. Open inspector F8 then change dynamic range to staff.
If all dynamics are set in that way, all is ok during playback.

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