Bracket Change

• Feb 3, 2020 - 03:38

Is there any way to allow for a different arrangement of brackets part-way through a score? Say I have, for example, a score with the usual strings sections (Violin I, Violin II, etc.). Part-way through the Violin II section gains an additional staff during a divisi portion. I would like it so that, up until that point, there's a curly bracket on the left connecting the Violin I and Violin II section; however, during that multi-staff Violin II part, I want a curly bracket just on the Violin II two-staff portion without the Violin I section. Once this multi-staff part ends, I want it to return back to how it was before.

Is there any way to do this? To note, even horribly hacky solutions (like putting an image on top of the brackets) doesn't work- brackets are always rendered in front. Additionally, even if you do manage to "delete" a bracket for just a single page, this is not saved.


You could do this by adding more instruments,like 2 more vow that 'exception' viloling 2 part, enter the notes, place the braces and use "Hide empty staves"

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Fair enough, though I'm not sure how reasonable that would be with this score. You see, I decided to get around the "can't apply different dynamic-changing lines (crescendos and decrescendos) to different voices" thing by making a different instrument for... well, every individual instrument, or every individual voice of the strings.

The net result is that this score is rather sizable already.

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