Sonata for Violin and Piano in e minor

• Feb 6, 2020 - 16:33

Here's another chamber work that I'm working on. Right now, I only have the first movement, but I'll add to the score when I notate the other three.

I received a lot of feedback from my piano trio that the first movement was quite long, so I tried a more compact first movement for this violin sonata. It's not in the traditional sonata-allegro form in that there is no exposition repeat and the tempo alternates between moderate and fast, but otherwise it's more classical and baroque leaning than my piano trio.

I also included a quote from Schubert's unfinished piano trio in there if you could spot it.

Feedback is very much welcome.


Lovely. One thing I will say is the tremolos on the piano part (At least in the online player) around the 3 minute mark sound too fast for a human player. Of course, I'm not the best piano player, so perhaps I'm slow.
Otherwise, great piece!

Wow, I really enjoyed that. Thank you for posting, To me, very Schubert-like, I didn't manage to spot the actual Schubert quote though, Only had time to listen to it once ....

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