Piano diagrams

• Feb 7, 2020 - 13:58

For educational purposes it would be great to be able to add piano diagrams, just like guitar diagrams. Is there something along those lines in the making? Trying to avoid going the graphics route..


You could try it like that if you want to go the graphics route:
Press P to display the virtual keyboard while MuseScore plays a chord;
Press Stamp to save the screen;
Resize and insert images into a custom palette.
Just an idea.

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Not that I think this viable for most people, but check this out:


If you download this and open it in MuseScore, you'll see you can actually "play" the keyboard by clicking. I've got another where the black keys work too). I did this using an image I created as a Google Drawing, then carefully adjusting the note spacing on an invisible staff to align the note heads (stemless notes).

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