.mus file

• Feb 12, 2020 - 17:10

Two questions, which I hope can be answered.

(a) I have been using MusicTime for the last 30 years, and I am considering changing now. However, all my work on this program produces .mus files, which I need to be able to access. Can Musescore accommodate .mus files?

(b) Also, can I install a more personalised banjo sound. The current styles are all metal strings, whereas fingerstyle banjo players use nylon or gut strings which produce a less strident tone.
Thank you


You can use whatever soundfonts (sound libraries) you can provide, if they are in .sf2 sound font format.
MuseScore does not read any of the file formats (which are usually patented, anyway) of other applications, but if that other application can produce MusicXML files (I know some others can), you can use that medium of exchange. Then there is the MIDI format, which will get the notes across, but not much else, and a lot of work is required to construct a decent-looking score. MusicXML is best.

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