Time Signature

• Feb 13, 2020 - 17:26

So...I need to change one bar in my score to 2/4...easy enough...highlight bar ...go to time signature palette and drag the 2/4 to the bar. Here's my problem...the bar does change to 2/4 time but the 2/4 doesn't appear in the bar. So I tried the same process on a sample page and it works fine....the bar changes to 2/4 and the 2/4 appears in the bar. Not sure what's up! Must be a simple solution!...any ideas? Thanks for any help!


Check whether display of time signatures has been disabled in the staff properties.
Otherwise consider attaching your score to a reply here, along with steps to reproduce the erratic behavior, so we can investigate what is going on.

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jeetee, Thanks for the response. As I said, the display of the time signature is working fine, I tried it on several other pieces that I have, but it doesn't work on the current score. I'm using the same process, and the bar is changing time but not displaying the time signature.

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