Editing a posted score

• Feb 14, 2020 - 22:48

Running Musescore 2.1 on Linux Mint. Just noticed an error in a score posted a couple of days ago. I can get to the "update this score" screen, but cannot make the correction. I have made the correction in my own computer, and clicking on the "replace file" link allows me to navigate to that corrected score, but can't get beyond there- the corrected score is not imported.

The FAQs screen mentions correcting on the site (only need to change 1 note) but I didn't get how to do that either. Can someone assist?


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@Shoichi- I should have realized that (headslap). Thanks!
Linux Mint distros come with Firefox, just yesterday updated to v.73

@Jojo-Schmitz- I did look at that, but it didn't seem like the old score was going to be replaced, just the new one added, so I didn't go that route. For future reference, does uploading this way include choices for attribution, etc., the same as uploading from the website?

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If you didn't use the "Save Online" the first time (and saved the score localla after that) it won't know where to store, so indeed create a new one.
Responsible for this is File > Score Properties > source, if you put the URL from MuseScore.com in there (and it is from your account, not someone else's), on the next Save Online you'd be offered to update the existing score (and it even defaults to that) or to upload as a new one

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