How to make all lyrics even?

• Feb 14, 2020 - 23:56

I do not want to have to adjust every single word or syllable one by one. Anyone know how to even out all my lyrics to be NOT like this?

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Better way is to attache the score than a picture, else we can only guess what's going on. Maybe it solves by right click on a syllable ->select->all similar elements and reset in inside the inspector? Or by stretching the measure via format->stretch? Also possible: missing system breaks, so it doesn't match inside a system?

Hi, probably you reduced the scale of the pages and then, this kind of problem appeared. Sometimes I had it .
Select all the lyrics (right click , select … same type) and do Ctrl/cmd + R in order to reset default positions.

Indeed, we would need you to attach the actual score, not just a picture, in order to understand what went wrong. Normally lyrics are all aligned by default. Could be you've accidentally made a manual adjustment that moved them out of alignment, or mixed verse numbers or text styles, or mixed lyrics with staff text, or included some special character in the lyric that is messing up the height calculation, etc.

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