Jazz Big Band Soundfonts??

• Feb 16, 2020 - 04:08

What Soundfonts/Soundfont setups do you guys like to use for Jazz Big Band? (or Jazz setups in general)
Since 99% of what I can easily find for Musescore is classical focused, I had to ask ;((


I've tried a number of different options but haven't found any I like better for jazz than the default. Last I checked "Timbres of Heaven" was probably the closest competitor and I did like it better in some ways, but not enough so overall to make the switch.

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Saxophones were, as I recall, the main thing I liked better about Timbres of Heaven. But FWIW, pretty much every other soundfont to me is worse for saxes specifically. At least, for ensemble writing. Sometimes a solo tenor will sound nice in one soundfont or another, but solis to me sound best with either MuseScore_General or Timbres of Heaven. I know some people like GeneralUser, to me it sounds good for its small size but doesn't compare to MuseScore_General.

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