Enhancing Crescendo/Diminuendo effect

• Feb 18, 2020 - 21:54

Hello everyone.I want to know how can I steep the gradient of hairpins in musescore 3.2.In normal situations hairpins seems to be almost ineffective and the sound is actually steady.
Any help is appreciated.


See the "Dynamics method" setting in the Inspector, a few different options there. Also be sure you are specifying the dynamics you want before and after, or are using the velocity change setting.

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Well, human musicians reading your score generally need dynamic markings also. So it really isn’t a “trick”, it’s just how music is usually notated. there are a few special situations where it can be acceptable to use hairpins without dynamic markings, and in those special situations, you can use the velocity change approach. If you encounter those special situations often enough to wish to save some time on them, you can add your customized hairpin back to the palette by Crl+Shift+dragging it. But be sure only to use that version in those special cases where you aren’t also using dynamic markings. most of the time you should definitely use dynamic markings to tell both MuseScore and human musicians what you want.

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Oh yes, you're using an older version of MuseScore that is more complicated to customize. Update (current is 3.4.2) and it works as simply as that. In older versions, there was a rather convoluted process of creating a custom workspace then enabling editing for the palette that was needed.

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