Drumline extension

• Feb 22, 2020 - 22:03

Hi there! The Musescore drumline extension as we know it, is AMAZING! yet there are some flaws to it, here's what I think should be added:
-Skanks or upside down accents
Snares: nothing really

Basses: -Maybe rimshots would be much appreciated

Cymbals: We need all 5 or up to 6 cymbals, for it to be at its best

And Finally, one last thing. Everytime I open musescore the drumline doesn't even play on beat, it sounds very wavy. It's normally late because I open it for a while and the virtual drumline sounds like non-musicians or it just sounds like this, It also takes a well-long period of time for it to load, not to mention crashing because of it. I hope it get's fixed soon, thanks for the support! ^U^


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