Different clefs when concert pitch

• Feb 27, 2020 - 13:26

When working with the score, I would like to see the guitar part in normal G-clef when working with concert pitch, and in G 8vb when transposed. Can this be done? It seems like clef change affects both concert / non-concert...
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OK, it is not.
I do remember that some trickery with transposition was needed to get plucked strings to work with tablature, but have forgotten the details. I guess those to be related though.

I've just checked: not the case for Tenor either, but for the closed score SATB template, 'Men' switch between F and G8vb clef. Not so the corrsponding 'instrument', just that template.

But "Guitar (Treble Clef)" and "Acoustic Guitar (Treble Clef)" do that switching, so just use that.
For some strange reason (bug, oversight, on purpose?) "Electric Guitar (Treble Clef)" does not though.
"Bass Guitar" , "Acoustic Bass", "Electric Bass", "Fretless Electric Bass", "5-str. Electric Bass" and "6-string Electric Bass" in turn do switch (between F clef and F8vb clef)

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