Musescore 3 not opening properly

• Feb 27, 2020 - 16:29

Musescore 3 not opening properly- only the top tool bar can be seen with my regular homepage below. When I attempt to open a score it cannot be seen. It needs to be repeatedly restarted and eventually starts properly.

Another issue is that often when I reopen a score to continue working on it the key signature has disappeared and I cannot find any way of putting it back in.

I have to say Muse score 3 is really not an improvement on version 2. It is so full of glitches (and I have the most up to date version...)


It's not quite clear what the problem you are having is. You mention a "homepage" - are you talking about a website, like maybe, rather than the MuseScore notation software itself? Please explain the problem with the toolbar in more detail.

Also, if you are having a problem with a key signature in a particular score, we'd need you to attach the score - or at least a relevant excerpt of it - and give us precise steps to reproduce the problem. To add a key signature, use the Key Signatures palette. See the Handbook for more information on how to do that or just about anything else. Could be you are writing for transposing instruments getting confused between concert pitch on and off and how that affects key signaturees.

Actually, despite any glitches or misunderstandings you might be experiencing, MuseScore 3 has tons of improvements over MuseScore 2 - vastly improved default layout, a far more useful Inspector/style system, and much much more.. So if you do encounter the occasional bug as well, please do post here and give us enough information to understand and reproduce the problem so we can fix it along with the thousands of other bugs we've fixed over the years!

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