Can't get midi input from Launchkey mini

• Feb 27, 2020 - 18:40

Looked in the forums and couldn't find a solution. I have a Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3 and I can't enter notes through it. Works fine with Logic and Finale.

I've already tried the various note input methods, input works fine from the typing keyboard and with the mouse. In the configurations I've tried both midi input from Core MIDI/Launchkey DAW Port and MIDI Port and no luck at all.

Any ideas?


Do you mean it shows in the dropdown in Edit / Preferences / I/O, but doesn't actually seem to work? Or doesn't show at all? if the latter, could be you need a 64-bit driver. or 32-bit MuseScore.

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Sorry for taking so long to get back here. I wasn't finding the time to test it. So, today, a little by chance, I found out that if I use my external audio interface as the audio device, the midi controller doesn't work, but if I choose my Mac's internal audio card, then MuseScore detects the controller's input.

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