Any good soundfont for col legno?

• Mar 6, 2020 - 00:30

I am composing a piece for a flute quintet (flute + string quartet) that represents a thunderstorm. This has an advantage over my previous solo piano attempts to get across a thunderstorm because I can get more of that stormy texture without exhausting the players.

I was thinking of using col legno in my piece, but, I don't think it has been added to the default Musescore soundfont. Last post I saw about col legno was from November of last year. The reason I am thinking of using col legno is because I am wanting to get across the rain of the thunderstorm in a musical manner. I am already using tremolo to represent the thunder(not the staff text tremolo but the tremolo markings). Somebody else outside this forum told me to do this:

Col legno, Split Col legno and pizzicato, Full pizzicato, Split pizzicato and staccato, Full staccato

while doing a creschendo and then doing the reverse of that while doing a diminuendo.

I could just write the text col legno and be done with it, but then I will get arco or pizzicato sound in playback where it says col legno. Other posts I have seen about col legno say to use a soundfont that has col legno and then use the tremolo channel for col legno. So, is there any good soundfont that has col legno?


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