Confusion with Zerberus

• Mar 13, 2020 - 18:14

I was using the Sonatina orchestra soundfont in sf2 but the sound didnt loop so I downloaded the virtual playing orchestra and the original version of Sonatina as a sfZ. Each instrument has 3 selections in the mixer each for different articulation but they won't work together. I am very confused on how to use the zerberus synthesizer because each instrument is seperated. Also with that, I am using a combination of the musescore general soundfront and Sonatina. Can I use both in the zerberus synthesize? I downloaded the .zip and extracted it to a folder. Is there something else I should do?


I have one sfZ font. Yes, each instrument is a separate file. Though they live in a single folder in your soundfont folder. Select the Zerberus tab and select ADD. A new box opens with all the instruments listed in sfz folder. Within the box type CTRL+A, if you want to add all the instruments, and select load.
I believe that MuseScore will use Fluid or Zerberus fonts, but not at the same time. Good luck.

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Here's what I have found so far.
I like SSO, but of course sounds tend to not loop. So I downloaded both suggested newer Sfz versions. Neither loop. Well mostly.
Because SSO sfz is made up of wave files, I believe that this is why it make MuseScore take a very longtime to load. Worth it it it worked. But it doesn't always.
In my MuseScore:
Most WWs load a brass sound.
Individual string sections (like violin 1 SEC) do not loop.
However all strings SEC do loop.
So in Zerberus, I loaded solo horn and all the all strings SEC (not solo) and articulations. I use them in conjunction with the default HQ font. Of course there is no single note dynamics with sfz. It depends on what you are doing.
And because I haven't loaded the entire sfz, MS loads quickly.
We will see how well this works.
I like the SSO horn better than the default horn.

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