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• Mar 13, 2020 - 22:58

Having taken a break and coming back to produce a score, I now have two new problems.

1 It's as though the facility to score music for Recorders has disappeared! Can anyone tell me how I can find the list in order to use a set of recorders for my score? Ex: Garklein, Sopranino, Descant, Treble, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass etc.

2 After entering partial details for my score I am being presented with a double set of staves, with the wrong instruments, because no recorders seem to be available, and this is making life very awkward at present. I just cannot make a proper start!

Any help would be well appreciated.

PS: Have just tried to upload an empty "double file", so you could see what I mean. Impossible to do so!

Yours frustratingly
Chris Peel


The Instruments list defaults to Common instruments.
Press "I" for Instruments, Select "All Instruments", look in the (now expanded) Woodwind section.

Not sure what problem you are having uploading a score, should be a matter of using the controls in the "File attachments" section right below where you post. But I can make a possible guess that what is going on has nothing to do with your score, but instead, maybe you have "Documents Side by Side" or "Documents Stacked" set in the View menu?

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Many thanks for such a quick reply. “Documents Stacked” was a suggestion which helped, but I have found out that I have to re-set the information every time I need to print something. Having done that, I succeeded to print my new score and all parts. I am very grateful for the advice you have sent me.

All the best
Chris Peel

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Hello Marc
Once again, thank you.
By re-set I mean: size (ie: A4 small) and particularly spacing (ie: margins all round). I am slowly getting over these problems which I had not encountered before my latest update. Managed another score, but now decided to change its title and don't know how to tackle this! Sorry if I am being awkward. Call it "annoyingly ignorant" if you wish. I still appreciate all the help you have given me.
Best wishes
Chris Peel

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Unfortunately it's still not clear what you mean when you say you "have to reset". Once you change the settings for a score, and save the score, those settings are saved with it. You should never need to change them again for that score unless you wish to print a different size. If you mean, for different scores, well, yes, each score can have its own settings. If you are taking scores created by someone else that were a different size, you will indeed have to change them the first time you print them (and then you can save). If you mean, you are creating lots of new scores yourself, they should already default to A4 if your default printer is set to that paper size. If you prefer different margins from the default, probably best to create a template set up the way you want, then just select that template when creating new scores. So, still lots of things we would need to understand in order to assist further.

As for changing title, if you mean, the text printed at the top, just double click and edit. if you mean the file name, use File / Save As, same as you in pretty much any computer program.

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