How do i write the first bar on this score.

• Mar 16, 2020 - 12:21

Can someone tell me how i write out the notes and Rests shown in the first bar "Circled)
I have tried numerous time but just can't figure it out.

I know i have done it before and should have written it down as a reminder, infact i thought i had but unable to locate it.

Hoping that one of you will be able to refresh my memory.


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ok i have read through the handbook and had many attempts yet still unable to replicate the first bar. Let me explain....

after the 4/4 there is a Rest (Which looks like a lightening symbol) then you have a 7 rest followed by the notes (E,D) beamed. sorry i don't know the correct technical terms !
this is where i am having the problem.
i just can't get the 7 rest and the (E,D) beamed after the first rest.

Hope i have explained that clear enough, if not let me know and i'll try again

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"Which looks like a lightening symbol" I guess you mean a quarter rest?
"_ a 7 rest:" I guess you man an 8th rest?
"i just can't get the 7 rest and the (E,D) beamed after the first rest._" rests don't have beams.

Better share the score you're having and an image what you want to get.

The image in your initial post shows a quarter rest followed by a tuplet of 3 8th in the space of a quarter (a classical triplet), with the 1st of these 3 8th being a rest.

N, 5, 0, Ctrl+3, 0, E, D, 6, E, 5, +, 4, + ....

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i just can't get the 7 rest and the (E,D) beamed after the first rest.
The rest isn't beamed to the 1/8th notes after it.

They are covered by the hook/bracket of the triplet (see Jojo's link on how to create those). Normally, only two 1/8th notes divide a 1/4th note. Using tuplets (in this case a triplet) the composer states that the space normally occupied by that 1/4th note, should now be equally divided among 3 notes.
Since there exists no clear single note duration for a 1/12th note, convention has chosen to notate this using a bracket and the closest matching duration.

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