Mixer for people with no MS program

• Mar 21, 2020 - 13:48

Hi! I have made some scores for the choir I am in, for them to practice their voice.

Just a few will be able to install and use the files in MS, to be able to change the bpm or mute voices.

Are there any function to do this when uploading on Musescore.org? So that people with no MS skills can just adjust bpm and volume of voices?

Or must I export a SATB training file as a different mp3 for each voice and beat?


There are no special facilities for score playback here on musescore.org, but there are over on the score sharing website musescore.com. Upload there and you should see mixer controls available, perhaps only if you have a Pro account? Best to go over to that site and ask if you have further questions. Also, people can use the mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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