Using Elisions as the basis for a "let ring" symbol

• Mar 25, 2020 - 12:27


I am using the Elision as a let ring indicator for percussion and harp parts. I have created a new pallet for it, but I want to modify it in a couple of ways.

Is there any way to change the default location of the element so that is in a more suitable place? Also, can I use this symbol as the basis of a custom element where I can have two versions of the symbol: one arcing up and one arching down?




You can drag any element of the special characters (F2) into the palette of your choice to have it "at your fingertips".
For what you want to do it seems to me that undertie and uppertie are the most suitable characters. They are at the end of the common symbols, after the fractions.

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Clicking on them does not attach them to the note straight away, whereas the elision does (unless i am doing something stupid?). Their position and size are also wrong. If I change the default size and position for them, it looks like it will change it for all staff texts.

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