Not slurring across the bar when I select the ending note of the line, why?

• Mar 25, 2020 - 21:56

I am in the home stretch of my piece. I'm adding the slurs now. Usually, this is what I do for a slur:

1) S
2) Shift + Right Arrow
3) Repeat 2 as many times as needed

However, I'm finding that at the end of a line, this will only extend the slur into the next page, it won't slur across the bar line. I'm trying to add a slur to the violin part at measure 13, beat 4 of my piece and I'm having this issue. I have it in page view and in case the resolution of my computer has anything to do with it, here it is:

Computer: Dell Inspiron 14 5000 2 in 1
OS: Windows 10
Scale: 150%(for my computer, not the Musescore software itself)
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Computer size: 14 inches

So, why isn't it slurring across the bar when I start the slur on the ending note of the bar and that note is also the ending note of the line? I've never had this problem before. I'm using Musescore 3.4.2, the newest version. And it isn't like I used line breaks or anything. Here is the score:

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If you press "S" on the last note of the system, the handle of that particular segment (the segment on that system) is selected. In order for Shift+Right to work, you need to have the handle on the next system selected. So if you are to use this method, you'll need to select the segment on the next system and then select the end handle. I'd call it a bug that you need to do that.

But in any case, the way you're doing it is not particularly efficient anyhow. Aside from this glitch, it's going to be more clicks than selecting the notes first then pressing S. Because, you can select a dozen notes in two clicks, but using Shift+Right would require 12 clicks to cover those same dozen notes.

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But, not all the slurs are of the same length. And not all the slurs I add in the software are 1 note slurs. In fact, a lot of them are for example 8 notes in a single slur. With the Shift+Right method, I know I'm getting the length that I want. And wouldn't the method you say is more efficient(selecting the notes and then pressing S) just give you a bunch of 1 note slurs in a row instead of a single longer slur? Shift+Right allows me to adjust the slur length without clicking on the slur itself, well, most of the time anyway.

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Lenght of slur has nothing to do with it. No matter how long the slur, the method of first selecting the notes then pressing "S" works perfectly. it produces exactly the same result - a single longer slur - as laboriously pressing Shift+Right over and over, it just does it in fewer clicks. Try it and see! The only time it's not faster is the special case of two-note slurs. So in those cases, simply skip the selection fo the second note.

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