Jazz combo - parts share the same chord symbols

• Mar 26, 2020 - 14:04

New musescore user here.

I have an arrangement for a jazz-combo, I'd like to enter chord symbols once, and have the chords displayed above all parts when printed individually.

Is this possible in musescore, and if so, how?

Sorry if the answer is obvious...


Chords are linked to a specific staff. But you can very easily copy-and-paste them to all other staves.

  1. Enter Chords on the first staff
  2. Right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) the first chord symbol and choose Select → All Similar Elements
  3. Copy
  4. Go to the start of each staff and perform a Paste on each staff

Now your chord symbols are available on all parts.
Additional steps if you don't want them showing up all over the place in the combined score:

  1. Select all but the top staff (click first measure of 2nd staff, shift-click last measure of last staff)
  2. Right-click (ctrl-click on Mac) a Chord symbol within the current selection and choose `Select → All Similar Elements within Range´
  3. Use the inspector (F8) to turn them invisible. Or use the shortcut key V

While the symbol itself is contents, and thus will be linked with the parts; the visibility of it is a layout option and specific to that part/score only.

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