Wave weave

• Mar 26, 2020 - 17:33

I load an exported score to Audacity and view it in zoom. I see a weaving of waves. This is a representation of overtones?


You're more than likely seeing some kind of distortion or artifact in the sound. Think about it. How many times removed from the original sound is signal you are looking at.
1. Musician producing sound.
2. Microphone. Hopefully a good one.
3. Recording device. Hopefully digital.
4. Sound card in recording device.
5. Stored recording.
6. Copy to software to manipulate recording to create font
7. Manipulation needed to create font.
8. Storage of font.
9. Download font to your computer.
10. Use font in score.
11. Create sound file.
12. Copy file into Audacity
Along the way, the equipment used must be of the highest quality possible.
Aside from that, think about what overtones are. AFAIK, a flute makes certain frequencies of the overtone series louder or softer. A violin accents different frequencies. Both sound different from each other also by the way their sound is produced. Causing air to vibrate by blowing over an opening or a vibrating string. As well as materiel used to make the instrument.

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