Saving a file, an observation

• Mar 26, 2020 - 19:17

This isn't a complaint. Just more of a "what if...."

"Every time you save an existing file for the first time in a session, MuseScore creates a file named ".filename.mscz," (starting with a dot, ending with a comma). This backup file will not be modified during your session, and if MuseScore crashes, it should contain the score as it was at the start of the session."

Recently, there have been posts from a few users who at some point in their session hit "save", and some strange things happen. The program crashes, or or there's an error message, or something leads them to believe that the "save" didn't work. If the program stays open, "save as" doesn't work either. Upon a re-open, the file is empty. The backup is empty also. It is interesting to me why MS would crash trying to save. The quote above says what happens the first time you hit save in a session. But what happens if you never hit "save", or use "save as" instead. What if you are the type that leaves your computer on for weeks at a time and/or leaves MS open for days and works on many files at once? Shouldn't make any difference, I know.

In any event, "auto save" to the rescue. Except that it is harder to use than backup files. If I had to guess, I would guess that the majority of computer users have less that no idea about "APPDATA". Nor do they have any use for it. Coders and advanced users know about it. I know about it because the one computer game I have uses it for advanced settings.

So if I had any questions they might be:
1. Since there is already a folder marked "Scores" in the root Documents folder for MS, why cant there be a folder marked "Backup" in the same root folder. That would save having to modify the file name, and save some confusion.
2. Why is a random name assigned to auto save files, making it hard to locate the file you are after. And why does it have to be in APPDATA? I can understand storing some things and settings that you don't want to be messed with there.

I suspect that the answers (if I was actually asking these questions) might have something to do with trying to protect users from themselves. I get it. I'm not all that bright and need all the isolation from reality that I can get.
But since I'm not asking those questions, a greater concern for me would be why "save " failed to begin with.

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