How to fake a clef conversion between pitched and unpitched instruments

• Mar 27, 2020 - 08:34

In a score that I'm working on, I need to combine two instruments (pitched/unpitched) into the same staff.
I know that Musescore does not allow direct conversion between the two kinds of clefs, so I tried to keep them separated and play with hiding options.
However, the master palette doesn't provide properly-sized clefs to do this. In the attached image, I show two "dummy" F clefs from the master palette and the one that is actually used for clef conversion.

Is adding dummy clefs the wrong approach to achieving what I want, or is there a correct way to add one?


I can't offer a solution, but I have found a need to add dummy clefs mid-measure for some transcriptions of old editions. And I can confirm that the correctly-sized clefs are currently missing from the Master palette.

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As illustrated by @Zwischen the problem is that the "regular size" is too large, and the "smaller size" is too small. In your example, notice how the tail of the bass clef almost reaches the bottom stave line. But for a mid-measure clef change, the clef must be slightly smaller, as shown in the MuseScore example below:
Mid-measure clef change.png

I think it's a serious gap in the symbols available in the Master palette.

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