Not all notes that can be heard are displayed on the stave

• Aug 21, 2014 - 11:10

This has happened to me several times in MS 1.3, although I haven't really replicated it step by step: a chord consisting of, say, 4 notes, will, at some point, only display 3 of those notes, although if you go from note to note (Alt+Up), you can hear all 4 distinct notes. See attached image.

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It's difficult to tell from your picture. Maybe there is a single note written in the bass clef which you hear when you move up/down?

Posting a mscz (MuseScore) file with the described behavior would be the best way forward. If it is a bug, it won't be fixed for MuseScore 1.3, but should be tested on the pre-release.


Posting a score with the problem would definitely help. But I'm guessing it's two notes on the same line, like both an F and an F#. The algorithm for handling situations like that in 1.3 is not very good. It should be much better in MuseScore 2.

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