Accents above notes for drum music?

• Mar 28, 2020 - 01:55

I'm having a difficult time placing accents above the hi-hats notations (and snare). It seems to automatically place them under which I've read here is correct due to it being closer the the actual notehead. However, in most drum notations I've seen the accents appear above the staff and I would like to emulate that. If someone could please explain this to me I'd very much appreciate it.


If you are using the MDL extension, this should happen by default as far as I know. Otherwise, you can add one accent, press "X" to flip it above, then press the "S" (set as style) button in the Inspector next to the "Anchor" control to set that to be the default for the score.

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Thank you Marc, I never knew about the drumline extension so that’s great. Would you recommend that for full drumset notation as well? As far as pressing x goes it does achieve the desired effect of the accent on top however undesirably inverts the stem to point downwards. Is there a way to keep the stem up and accent above the stem? Thank you for your feedback.

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