• Mar 28, 2020 - 21:05

When I insert a new note and then want to delete it, it replaces it with a rest, giving me more beats per measure than I marked, and I don't know how to delete these rests. I've tried selecting them and pressing delete, but that doesn't work.


Please, have a look to the Book
for example if you are with a 4 times measure, you always have 4 times in it, with notes or with rests. The rests may be a whole rest (4 times) or 2 half rests (4 times) or a 1 time rest , another and an half rest , the total is always 4 times. If you enter a note, for ex. a 1 time note, you get with it, 3 times of rests (1+3= 4 times), if you enter a 2 times notes, you get 2 times of rest (2+2=4) etc.......

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